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First and foremost, welcome to the GHM Blog and Knowledge Base.

In today’s fast paced world, we’re so busy and sometimes just go through the paces and we very often find ourselves being led, rather than us being the captains of our own ship. Many recent studies show that more that 90% of people in the workplace feel overwhelmed by the constant high-pace of change. It’s easy to get lost in everything that is happening around us and too often we feel helpless in the matter. With these overwhelming feelings, it’s also easier to be led by someone whom we feel has things more under control, rather than taking control ourselves—often times because we simply just don’t know what to do or where to start.

How often do you feel overwhelmed or helpless? How do you tackle those feelings? How do I make time to improve?

It’s time to change that. Is this just another “One Day…”, or is this your Day One of investing in yourself? Through our blog you’ll discover new ways to take back the control you desire, and start living a better, more fulfilled life. We are here to help keep you grounded and focussed on the epic journey to achieving your life goals; by making it exciting—not daunting or overwhelming.

So who is GHM?

At GHM we embed your business and it’s goals in the very heart of ours. Our tagline: “The Success of your Business is the Heartbeat of Ours” is the life-blood of our existence. Our core focus is on the achievement of our client’s business objectives through deep and meaningful attention, given to the implementation of a High Performance Organisational platform and the advancement and improvement of its workforce. In essence, we assist in getting your business and it’s assets to perform as optimally as possible through tailored training and development programs.

Our development structures and bespoke interventions range from organizational development, executive leadership coaching, management & leadership development, sales driven leadership, driving sales through customer centric consulting, customer service excellence and team dynamics.

Over the years we have built an exceptional team that is professional and highly educated, but most of all, they’re dedicated to the success of your business. Discover our Team here.

What to expect from the GHM Blog & Knowledge Base

One of the main aims in starting this GHM blog is to connect with likeminded people or businesses who want to expand their horizons daily through life-long learning. It is for the people who believe they are capable of greatness, which we believe everyone is. Through our blog and knowledge base, we will help you conquer your fears, gain ultimate confidence and give you the freedom and know-how to be the best captain of your own ship—Take control of your life , your Business and your Success.

Monday Motivation

Starting your week on a high note can completely change the outcomes of the week ahead. We’ll provide key motivational themes that we dissect and discuss so you get the most out of each message.

Creating A Limitless Life (C.A.L.L)

Our free Digital Series to assist you in improving all aspects of your personal and professional life.

Sales, Leadership & Management Tips

We’ll help you take control of your results, help you manage your time and administration work more effectively, and help you become an ultimate leader in your profession.

Business Articles & Dissections

Understanding what’s going on in businesses around the world can be a highly effective way to understand your own business. We will delve into what other companies are doing, why they’re successful and how you can implement the same in your business, or even day-to-day life.

Foundational Elements

GHM has devised 20 foundational elements to help you create better, lasting success and a better overall life experience. We will go through each more in-depth on a monthly basis to give you more insight into our thinking.

Resource Library

A resource library containing free lesson plans, documents to help keep your business organised, self-assessments and other dynamic resources to help you achieve your goals faster.

Fun in Corporate Environments

We’ll show you how to keep the energy up in corporate environments through exciting incentives and games that will keep your teams motivated and determined.

Case Studies

As we continue working with businesses around South Africa in improving their overall business success and footprint, we will produce in-depth Case Studies showcasing how we’ve taken businesses to the next level of Success.

The Landscape has Changed, Don’t Get Left Behind

The learning and development world has been flipped on it’s head. There are countless resources and new ways of upskilling yourself or your employees. Our goal is to make as much meaningful information available to you as possible through easy-to-understand presentation

We are so excited to start this journey with you! Be sure to subscribe to our monthly newsletter to stay up to date with what’s going on, and to receive the latest in Business Improvement, Self Improvement and more!

We wish you all the success you deserve, put in the work and see that success become yours!

The GHM Team


Posted in General on Feb 08, 2020


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