Arno Hattingh

Organizational Development Practitioner

Arno is an entrepreneur and leadership professional, and the High Performance Organisations champion for the GHM Group.

During his 25 years of experience in providing leadership guidance to diverse teams of various sizes he held several directorships in the information technology and organisational leadership fields, which contributed to his deep curiosity for the fundamentals of leadership which shifts human behaviour.

This search for the holy grail of sustained competitive advantage in business strategy led Arno to complete his masters thesis in the field of organisational high performance.

As an associate of the HPO Centre in the Netherlands Arno also finds time to do organisational and leadership development as he brings the high performance organisational culture to South African businesses, in partnership with GHM. Arno is a professional HR practitioner registered with the SA Board of People Practices (SABPP).

Arno started his career as a law student in the security industry and rapidly got swept along a journey within a rapidly maturing industry as far as growth and new technology deployment are concerned. During this process Arno held executive leadership positions in privately owned as well as local and internationally listed organisations.

Most notable in his achievements are his successful mergers of diverse organisational cultures, teams, and technologies through more than 20 acquisitions and take-overs. It was during this process that Arno often faced the challenge of making divergent technologies work together, and also to bring about cohesion and a new unified identity amongst previously competing or diverse teams.

Arno is a proponent of leadership whose values are founded on unquestionable ethics and self discipline as a compass for building individual accountability and trust amongst organisational teams. These principles serve towards Arno’s success in leadership roles for which he received various awards and accolades during his career.

As a disruptive technology entrepreneur he applies his continued development as a committed leadership scholar within his own organisation.