Tim Keys

Sales Specialist

Tim is our specialist sales guru. He has worked with sales teams and their leadership to increase performance for over twenty years.

Having originally qualified as an English teacher, Tim is passionate about the role of training and coaching in improving effectiveness. His background in education and experience in sales equips him to design learning programmes specific to organisational needs, whether instructor-led or online learning.

He has built and delivered customised sales skills programmes for several large organisations including Microsoft, Oracle, Dimension Data and First National Bank.

Between 2000 and 2008 Tim travelled to over 40 countries, teaching Microsoft staff and resellers advanced sales and leadership skills.

Tim is considered a premier authority on how to grow sales in larger, more strategic accounts. His training, coaching and consulting interventions are evidence-based which means what he shares is based on proven best practices as well as scientific research into the fields of human behaviour, Economics, Psychology and Neuroscience.

Tim has a mission to improve the quality of sales leadership. He has built comprehensive programmes in the areas of sales management and coaching. He believes that it is the responsibility of the manager to provide the right climate for high performance and provides the tools and resources to enable this.

He is a programme manager at the UCT Graduate School of Business, Executive Education unit, where he delivers an annual programme on sales management.

Tim is also passionate about developing entrepreneurial skills – he mentors on sales and marketing development for several incubation programmes including Microsoft BizSpark and the Startup Bootcamp.