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What is the
Insights Discovery Methodology?

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The Insights Discovery model is a simple and accessible four colour model which, accompanied by an Insights Discovery Personal Profile, helps people to understand more about themselves and others.

It creates a common language that makes it easier to identify strengths and address weaknesses, so that individuals and teams can perform at their highest level.

This model provides the foundation for many programmes since it inspires individuals to think about how they act and communicate.

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The 4 Colour Model

Every person has all four colour energies within them but has a natural preference for some over others which influence their motivations and behaviour; it is the combination of these energies which creates each unique personality.

By understanding your own and others’ preferences better, you can take simple, practical actions that improve your everyday relationships. The Insights Discovery Personal Profile is your guide, enabling you to take control of your own development.

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The Insights Discovery Personal Profile is a detailed report about each individual which is produced based on their responses to an evaluator. It contains valuable information about the individual's personality and communication preferences that can be used as an aid to self-development in the workplace.

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