Accelerated Recruitment Academy

The Most Effective Way to up your Recruitment Game

Whether you are an Internal Recruiter or an Agency Recruiter, Recruitment has undoubtedly become more sales skills & customer relationship skills focussed. To be successful, you need highly developed sales skills such as negotiation, objection handling, cold-calling, relationship selling, business development, a positive mental attitude, the X-Factor, closing techniques – and numerous additional, relevant skillsets.

Recruitment Sales training is not a nice to have, it’s an essential ingredient! If you want to remain competitive, your Recruiters must have the ability to sell successfully & build lasting relationships. GHM established the Accelerated Recruitment Academy, developed & designed specifically for the Recruitment Industry. Our Interventions are APSO endorsed and have a proven track record of improving every Recruitment KPI:

  • Recruiters become more successful in getting more orders from new clients as well as current clients.  
    Increase in number of vacancies

  • Recruiters become better at convincing their clients to interview their candidates.
    Client Interview Ratio improves

  • Once the client interviewed the candidate, the Recruiter is more successful in getting their candidate hired. 
    Improvement in Client Interviews per Placement Ratio

  • And ultimately, Recruiters are better at turning job orders into revenue generated. 
    Vast improvement in Placement Ratio

GHM’s Accelerated Recruitment Academy offers 3 types of training interventions, all geared towards producing long-term, sustainable and successful sales behaviour.


This is our flagship programme that has already received major endorsements with proven ROI, from numerous clients. A 4 - 6 month intense sales training programme, including 4 full-day contact sessions, and 4 one-on-one nesting sessions for each delegate.


We offer free-standing 1-day courses aimed at very specific sales skills relevant to the Recruitment industry. All courses will be held at  the GHM Academy and Frazitta Office Park in Milnerton.


GHM has developed bespoke Recruitment Sales training courses for a vast array of Recruitment businesses.

All our interventions & contact points follow the GHM Convergence Series, which maximises positive sales behaviour change and lasting results.

  • Pre-work: Delegates receive invite and preparatory work to prepare for the Live intervention.

  • 1 Day training intervention: One full day packed with content, exercises, case studies and interaction, ensuring new sales habits are formed.

  • Post-course assignments: Delegate specific Next Actions & Assignments are distributed help to ensure implementation.


Without a doubt my biggest challenge is New Business Development. I hate cold-calling, mainly because I feel I’m not good enough and I struggle with handling the rejection all the time. I know that I will be brilliant once a client gives me a role to work on, given the chance, but I’m really bad at signing up new clients. I really need help with New Business.

25 FEB

New Business Development

How to get more clients to work with you (growing Market Share)

I struggle to grow my current clients from small accounts to really big accounts. From some reason, the relationships with my clients are not where I want them to be. 

26 FEB

Relationship Selling

How to leverage Relationships to grow sales (Wallet Share)

My biggest challenge is standing out from the crowd. I know that I am a very good Recruiter, but people out there see me as just another average recruiter.
I need the X-Factor

27 FEB


How to stand out from the rest

I never realised what big a part Sales would play in my life. I joined recruitment because I really like to work with people. Now I realise that I’m in a sales role and need to sell to both clients and candidates on a daily basis. I lack the basic sales sills to make my life easier.

28 FEB

Value Trades and Unique Value Propositions

How to sell benefits and add additional value to your client’s business


Making that Placement

Selling your candidate to your client

Candidates are my biggest worry. To find them is not the problem, it is to get them to leave their current company to join my company. The type of candidates I deal with are in such demand, that they are difficult to influence. In order to be more successful, I need to become better with candidates.


Selling to the Candidate

Getting the candidate interested, closing the deal and managing counter offers


Effective Negotiation

How to prepare for and maximise face-to-face meetings


Client Needs Analysis

Qualifying and quantifying business opportunities


Building your Personal Brand

Leveraging the Power of Social Media


Increasing Gross Profit during Contract Negotiations

Detailed focus on increasing profit through Temps/Outsourced Staff

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