The True Power of Mindfulness & Meditation

What Can Mindfulness & Meditation Do For You? Do you ever reflect on how your negative mental habits effect every aspect and every moment of your life? Your work, your relationships, your health? Does your sense of ego effect your self esteem? Does fear and anxiety effect your decisions? Does anger and resentment effect your relationships? Does […]

Cause & Effect

  We Cannot Control Everything Happening Around Us Since most people are not aware of the mental content of their mind, that defines their emotional state, the thoughts that they have, and the actions that they take, they tend to blame the external circumstances around them, for their situation. What it means is, that not […]

Mindfulness & Meditation

  A Message to You, Your Team Members & Loved Ones Do you sometimes feel that your work load and responsibilities leaves you mentally exhausted? That needing to perform at best levels consistently raises your anxiety levels? That fearing failure keeps you up at night? That you are torn between being loyal to your family […]