We Cannot Control Everything Happening Around Us

Since most people are not aware of the mental content of their mind, that defines their emotional state, the thoughts that they have, and the actions that they take, they tend to blame the external circumstances around them, for their situation. What it means is, that not only are they victimised by their own ignorance of their deeper truth, but also, they live in a victim mentality, never taking full responsibility to their situation, believing that what happens to them is out of their control.

It is definitely true, that we can’t control the circumstances around us. The universe evolves regardless of us. But we definitely have the choice of whether we are going to let what happens around us define the mental condition of our mind, or whether we are going to control our mind and be good whatever the circumstances are.

Our mental conditioning is the cause and the effect to our miseries, as we go about reacting again and again, deepening our mental impurities, for even greater misery.

What makes the difference in our life quality is not how much money we have, or what kind of a car we have, or the size of our home. Neither the weather, nor what people think about us, or any circumstance we are in. What truly makes the difference is how many mental impurities are in our mind, and how do they make us react in every moment.

Every time we react the same way, we deepen our mental impurities and the on going cycle of creating more impurities. Our mental conditioning is the cause and the effect to our miseries, as we go about reacting again and again, deepening our mental impurities, for even greater misery.


A Vicious Circle

Our mentally polluted mind is the cause for our ignorance, and our ignorance is the cause for the way we perceive our circumstances, and the way we perceive the circumstances is the cause for the way we emotionalise, and the way we emotionalise is the cause for the way we think, and the way we think is the cause for the way we act, and the way we act is the cause for our results, and the cycle goes on and on, until we intentionally and consciously, devote ourselves to breaking the cycle, by developing the right awareness, and an objective perception to the inner pattern using the right technique of meditation.

Without getting into the technique, understand that most existing meditation techniques, don’t get down the the root cause of the mental impurities. And I say it without condemning any of these techniques.

So, before you decide on the meditation technique you are going to practice, ask yourself what do you want to achieve with meditation, and only then find the technique that is going to help you get there. If you’re ready to start, we have a Mindfulness Meditation class available below:

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  1. So true, at the end of the day the decision is yours: Are you willing to investigate your thoughts, are you willing to change the way of thinking, reset?

    1. Many of us aren’t willing to introspect but it is something one has to do grow and become a better version of themselves

  2. It’s hard and fearful to analyse one’s own thoughts but the value that will come out of it far out ways the fear.

  3. my emotions, my moods and actions revolve around my mental impurities- my thoughts and how i react , or rather how i allow them to determine how i must react.
    The fixed mindset controls more than i even imagined

  4. Take responsibility for my actions. Becoming more self aware and making changes everyday of my life now.

  5. Getting into the habit of learning and unlearning, to get rid of the fixed mindset. In that way you allow for growth and learn new habits.

  6. For myself, I would like to think more with my mind than with my heart, to make more clear decisions. I also would like to trust my intuition, because most of the times, my gut tells me to make one decision, then my heart comes in and makes another decision.

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