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6 march 2019
08:30 - 16:00

Qualifying and Quantifying Business Opportunities

Time is money and therefore maximizing your revenue generating abilities depends largely on spending your time on sales opportunities that will bring you the best return on investment. The challenge in Recruitment is that it is sometimes difficult to distinguish between great opportunities and time wasters. Through this course, you will be given the tools to grow your sales by understanding how to both qualify and quantify sales opportunities.

In this Workshop, You Will:

1. Plan: Prepare for client meetings
2. Learn how to analyze a client’s operations as well as staffing needs
3. Create a client qualification template
4. Create a job order qualification template
5. Rank sales opportunities

You will be provided with valuable tools and resources:
Template: Clients Analysis
Template: Job order qualification

Workshop Overview

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Understanding Your Cient’s Business +

• Research preparation
• Understanding your client’ operations
• Identifying staffing needs
• Identifying the need behind the need

Quantifying the Sales Opportunity +

• How to identify the scope of business with a client
• How to determine the potential of current and future opportunities

Qualifying Job Orders +

• Understanding the hard skills needed for the role
• Understanding the soft skills needed for the role
• Understanding the company culture

  • Pre-work: Delegates receives invite and preparatory work to prepare for the Live intervention

  • 1 Day training intervention One full day packed with content, exercises, case studies and interaction, ensuring new sales habits are formed.

  • Post-course assignments: Delegate specific Next Actions & Assignments are distributed help to ensure implementation.

  • Nesting Session: A one-on-one video conference with each delegate to coach the individual with the aim of improving certain aspects and driving the ROI.

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