Effective Negotiation

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5 march 2019
08:30 - 16:00

How to Prepare for and Maximise Face-to-Face Meetings

For some, negotiating is about hard bargaining and taking a stand with the aim of getting as much as you can out of the deal even if it is at the expense of the other party. For us, a collaborative and creative approach based on win-win solution is more effective in producing positive results for both parties. This intensive workshop will provide you with the knowledge and skills required to negotiate successfully. You will learn how to negotiate deals that are focused on creating lasting value for both you and your clients. This involves the planning and preparation you need to do beforehand as well as the tactics you apply when face-to face.

In this Workshop, You Will:

• Plan and prepare for the negotiation
• Learn about levels of influence and using it your advantage
• Understand the elements of successful negotiations
• Anticipate objections and prepare for surprises
• Manage hard bargainers
• Create understanding and getting agreement

You will be provided with valuable tools and resources:
Job Aid: Explanation of negotiation styles
Job Aid: Bespoke case study
Job Aid: Common negotiation mistakes template
Job Aid: preparing for a negotiation template

Workshop Overview

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The Introduction to Effective Negotiation +

• What is negotiation and what are the characteristics of effective negotiators
• The shifts we need to make when approaching negotiations and the benefits of this approach
• The seven elements of a successful negotiation 

Preparing for a Negotiation +

• Question and manage your assumptions
• Elements to consider when preparing for the negotiation
• Map who is involved, Identifying core issues, Understanding interests and brainstorming options, Considering alternatives and fall-back positions
• Identifying commitments required and who makes decisions
• Setting an agenda and planning communication
• Mapping levels of influence and strategizing your approach
• Planning for improving relationships and anticipating objections / surprises 

Managing the Negotiation +

• Setting the tone for the negotiation
• Agenda review and agreement on the objectives of the meeting
• Effective listening and separating the relationship from the issues
• Creating and refining options
• Find out as much as you can about their interests
• Brainstorming potential and agreeing on the best outcome
• Comparing options and focus on joint value
• Careful commitment and adaptation of your approach
• Making and motivating recommendations
• Agreement as to the way forward 

Negotiation Techniques +

• Who makes the decision and getting people on the same page
• Documenting, feedback and revisions
• Getting agreement
• Managing hard bargainers

  • Pre-work: Delegates receives invite and preparatory work to prepare for the Live intervention

  • 1 Day training intervention One full day packed with content, exercises, case studies and interaction, ensuring new sales habits are formed.

  • Post-course assignments: Delegate specific Next Actions & Assignments are distributed help to ensure implementation.

  • Nesting Session: A one-on-one video conference with each delegate to coach the individual with the aim of improving certain aspects and driving the ROI.

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