Adapted Reality

This is the time to be creative, to adapt & to overcome.


Times Change So Quickly, We need to Do the Same

One cannot deny that it is an unsettling time we are living in. The world is on its head as we speak, and it truly seems scary. Mass hysteria creates such unwarranted fear and concern, but in saying that, our world, right now has changed. There are SO many things that are out of our control and it’s overwhelming and causes panic. We must be more equipped and determined to control what WE can. As a worldwide community, and in our immediate relationships, we need to assist and help each other. This is the time to be creative, to adapt and to overcome.

We want to help you, and here’s the simple reason why: we are battling with this reality ourselves! Us, as experts in growth, development and comfortable at adaption, are also struggling with what the current reality means for now and how to COPE with it. We got together, digitally 😅, and discussed what can help us the most right now and what adaption aspects will assist us all. As a team, we’ve decided to put together Free Lesson Plans to assist you right now. We know that the first critical aspect is to become aware of how we plan, and how we adapt our mindset. It’s imperative to operate with a Growth mindset and not a Fixed mindset, especially during these trying times. The uncertainty surrounding us demands a Growth mindset! Creating an Adaptive Reality in which one can be more creative, operate effectively and reinvent aspects of oneself and our families. Thereby improving both!

Life must go on, business must operate, people must connect (albeit differently). As Dr Abdu Sharkawy stated on the 16th of March 2020:

“I implore you all, temper fear with reason, panic with patience and uncertainty with education.”

No one could have foreseen this worldwide situation, and we either become part of the hysteria, or we become aware, adapt and even flourish, as every calamity also brings opportunity. We’ll emerge stronger and more resilient. Of that, there is no doubt. The question is, what do WE do, right now?

Our immediate reality is that most people are going to be secluded and work remotely. It’s already happened, just look around your office. Working from home has struggles and pitfalls, but also creates immense opportunity. A common denominator that most people struggle with is the “discipline” of working from home. How to stay focussed and remaining effective with all the additional distractions. Coupled with the added responsibility of having your children home for at least the next month. Tough right?! If you’re in a similar situation as I, with two small kids, I’m sure you can hear me grinding my teeth at the thought of it, right now… 😬

With the right kind of mindset, a proper plan and actionable improvement areas, these next 6 Weeks could prove invaluable to you, your family and your organisation. We’re planning this simply and effectively; it’ll consist of a Why—How—What and will provide a simple ‘ACT’ tool for you to Implement.

Another key-factor, from this situation, is that you’ll have more time on your hands, simply by not travelling as much and having less meetings. So how to use that time wisely is the question. We seldom have time for self-development, learning and personal growth in our normal day. Now, you have the opportunity! We want to help you plan, for YOU, but also for your CHILDREN to focus on personal development. One of our Free Lesson Plans: Planning & Time Management (including a Matrix & Roster Tool), will start assisting you in Planning, which is a vital part of “discipline”.

When it comes to personal development, Tony Robbins, in one of his preview videos raised many key points and benefits to this type of self-study. Check it out below.


From GHM’s side, this is How We would like to Assist and Support You.

To help and assist you during this time, we’ve built a series titled “Create A Limitless Life”. We’re building Lesson Plans, free of charge, to assist you with improving and up-skilling yourself, with real-life applicable strategies and techniques, which yields immediate impact!

Some of them Include:

  • Growth vs Fixed mindset
  • Silence the Critic
  • Blame Game
  • Planning & Time-management (Incl. matrix & roster)
  • Self-Discipline
  • and more…

We hope you’ll attempt the Lesson Plans and find them as useful as we do. This Is a time, for us to grow in a different way, assist our children, family and communities in a different way and embrace the hidden opportunities in the people and things that are important to us. We’ve created a community on Facebook, please join the group and tell us your story. If you use our Lesson Plans, tell us about your experience with them and if they’ve helped in any way at all. We’re truly excited to hear about how you’ve started creating a Limitless Life!

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  1. We thought COVID changed the way we think, the way we approach life. In a matter of few days, COVID has been placed on the back burner while everybody tries to survive while being looted. All of a sudden, what we planned is not longer “valid” and we are forced to re-think, reset.

    1. You are so correct Phillip, change is constant, and it feels like it is happening faster and faster lately.
      Your mindset is now more important than ever to keep us focused and positive in our walks of life.

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