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1 march 2019
08:30 - 16:00

Selling your Candidate to your Client

Recruitment, especially over the past 20 years, has evolved from a generalist to a very strategic and specialized business function. Success as a Recruitment Consultant no longer depends on how far you can spread yourself to cover as many industries as possible, but how deep you can infiltrate certain industries to become an expert in your field.

In this Workshop, You Will:

Plan: Prepare for the need’s analysis meeting
Sell through Business Insight: Use business insight to identify and present perfect candidates
Make it personal: Tailor the candidate’s characteristics to your client’s industry, business, job requirements and personal needs and preferences.
Build two-way business conversations: Anticipate your customers’ needs and show you can add value. Become adept at the art of listening.
Control the sales process: Manage the interview and assessment process to your advantage
Make Yourself Irreplaceable: Become your client’s number one Recruitment Consultant by professionally assisting them with any counter offers

You will be provided with valuable tools and resources:
Template: Client Needs Analysis
Job Aid: Active Listening tool kit
Job Aid: Understanding Compensation Packages

Workshop Overview

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Understand the Client +

• Understanding the client’s operations, including the industry in which they operate, their operational model and labour environment
• Identify the need behind the need
• Understanding the role and the skills your client are looking for:
–The 5 makes and 3 breaks

Getting that Interview with your Clients +

• Understanding the FFB model
• Highlighting the candidate’s USP’s for the 5 makes and 1 unique value add
• Managing the Interview and Assessment Process
• Understand Advocate Profiles

Closing the Deal +

• Closing the deal begins at the very start
• 7 Closing Techniques
• The ABC Model
• Getting the small ‘yesses’
• Understanding compensation packages
• The Rock Principle
• Objection Handling Techniques

Managing Counter Offers +

• Prepare client for possible Counter Offer
• Identifying the possible warning signs throughout the process
• How to save a deal that is about the be lost

  • Pre-work: Delegates receives invite and preparatory work to prepare for the Live intervention

  • 1 Day training intervention One full day packed with content, exercises, case studies and interaction, ensuring new sales habits are formed.

  • Post-course assignments: Delegate specific Next Actions & Assignments are distributed help to ensure implementation.

  • Nesting Session: A one-on-one video conference with each delegate to coach the individual with the aim of improving certain aspects and driving the ROI.

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