The Power of Anchoring Thoughts


Right now, life is tough. All around. The ups and downs of our current existence is sometimes exhilarating, but mostly exhausting and downright scary at times. I find myself going through such distinct phases and stages – from excited, to fearful, to hopeful, to traumatised, to learning quick, to adapting, to stumbling and to carry all these hopes and fears constantly and on and on it goes…

The pressures and demands of our current existence are hectic! Most of us operate in this space.

What I’m finding currently, is that I have to be SO much more AWARE of my mindset and reactions. I HAVE to focus on my awareness. Putting the one foot in front of the other, and being consistent in my words and actions.

What helps me with my awareness are Anchoring Thoughts. It serves to bring one’s attention to the moment and enables one to make conscious choices. It literally serves as an anchor during these stormy times and brings my awareness back to the things I need to focus on.

I’d like to challenge you to try it. It’s simply a phrase and thought that you keep on repeating to yourself throughout the day. Often, the situations in your day will determine how often you repeat it. Aim for  ±2 per hour.


the power of anchoring thoughts


We’ll focus on the following outcomes:


I did a lesson Plan on the topic “Silence the Critic” which you can find on our Growth Centre tab on our website. The focus of that lesson is on Gratitude. It truly find it harder now, during this time of so many things going wrong. But I constantly re-commit to this exercise and the results are always immediate. Check out the Lesson Plan and apply the principle. It’ll serve you!

Anchoring thought
“Today I behold the Abundance that surrounds me.”

Keep repeating and notice how different the world starts looking.


Law of Attraction

Most of us know this principle – but there’s a vast difference between knowing something and doing something… Especially now – our focus is generally all over the place & fraught with stress. The person controlling your focus & thoughts is you. Use the below anchoring thought to shift your focus. Force your mind onto what you want. Keep repeating…

Anchoring thought
“Today I focus on what I want to attract in my life.”


Growing & Learning

When you’re green you grow, when you’re ripe you rot. This life is about learning & adapting. Today’s world is all about technology & computers. So, think of it as Rebooting & upgrading yourself – there’s so much more out there you need to know.

Anchoring thought
“Today I’ll practice what others won’t, so that tomorrow I can do what other can’t.”



If there was ever a time to have empathy – it is now! People are struggling & falling apart – this is the time understand them & support them. Also, showing empathy helps you deal with your won situation better and forges stronger relationships. Simply put – it’s also the RIGHT thing to do!

Anchoring thought
“In this moment, I’ll listen intently & try to understand.”


Random Acts of Kindness

Most of us find it difficult to feel sorry for ourselves when we are helping another. We are wired to help each other, and we derive much joy from it. There is such power in humility! Reach out and help another in any form, large or small.

Anchoring thought
“What can I do to help this person in this moment.”



The above examples are just a few general one’s, that have MUCH impact!

Once you’ve practiced it for a little while and your “Anchoring” is having an impact in your life, start writing down some Anchoring Thoughts for yourself, dependent on what you require, need, or want to attract and focus on. It is the start of programming your thoughts, clearing your path and paving the way towards the outcomes and results you require.

We’d appreciate your feedback, input and thoughts on this aspect, once you’ve started practicing it. Please leave your comment below!

We wish you luck and implore you to implement this simple, yet effective tool in your life.

Thank you.

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