Top 11 Sales Trends in 2021 to Boost Your Sales


Increase Your Sales with These 11 Sales Trends

Wow, what a crazy time for humanity, and that includes sales professionals???

As a sales facilitator, I have noticed the clear shift from face to face to a more blended approach with sellers trying to connect and sell over the last 18 Months due to COVID 19, and the difficulties sellers are facing trying to adjust to our new reality.  This has been forced upon us due to C0VID 19.

We can wish for the past, or we can adopt a Growth Mindset and use new ways of communicating our message, product, and Value proposition to our clients by realising that things will never be the same. I have been researching articles from prominent sales professional to find best practice in these times, as well as how to use this time to get ahead of the pack and would like to share the following article with you by Valerie Kakovina. It is called “The 11 biggest sales trends in 2021” and has some absolute golden nuggets to share with us.

There are 11 sales trends. I have listed each with short overview. They are basic, but important for professional sellers to implement.


top 11 sales trends of 2021 to help you sellCreativity is the new sales hack

No matter how hard you work, if you employ the same methods as everyone else, there will inevitably be someone who’ll outcompete you. The only viable way to crack the code of sales success is to work smarter, not harder.


Implement Thorough Sales Automation

Sales automation is not really a trend, but rather a necessity you must implement for your business workflow to maintain a competitive advantage. All mundane sales tasks are now taken away from the seller allowing for more time to focus on the critical things we need to do.


Value-based Selling

Too often, prospects shut down your offer without even giving you a chance to elaborate on it because they think the price is too high. Value-based selling helps you overcome this problem. All you must do is to identify your prospects’ needs and wants and tailor your offer to them. Make the offer appealing to them by highlighting the benefits they’re going to get out of it!


Social Selling is essential

Instead of trying to sell your product right here and now, you should plant an idea into your prospects’ heads and keep developing it. Move into their heads by always being there for them, answering their questions, and showcasing your expertise online. When they’re looking for a product to buy, you should be the first business to come to their mind.


Customer success over customer support

Another way to provide value to your customers and convince them to make a purchasing decision is by ensuring them that you’re genuinely interested in their business success. Instead of just focusing on ensuring outstanding customer support, you should prioritize providing a more positive, holistic customer experience. Shifting your focus towards customer success lays the foundation for it.


Bringing All Your Teams Closer Together

Sales are no longer just about the Sales team. Since the customer journey has mostly transferred into the digital plane, all departments have a role in ensuring conversion. The Customer Support team helps you to provide added value to your offer, the IT department keeps an eye on the website and other channels of communication, the Sales team manages sales pipelines, and the Marketing team… Well, does the rest of it! Use technology to bring your core as well as your extended teams closer together.


The emergence of multi-channel, personalised experiences

You need to set up a wide range of different channels to serve buyers so that they can choose whichever they prefer best. This implies that you need to ensure consistency of customer experience regardless of the channel they choose. Ideally, you should be able to provide an ability to switch across different channels without losing any information for a seamless buying experience. To meet such expectations, you need to experiment with many different promotional, distribution, and purchase channels.


‘Video Killed the Radio Star’ – Video for Sales

In 2021, you should step away from using long texts and shift towards using the video format more. While it’s originally more of a marketing trend, it’s believed to make its grand entrance into the world of sales too.


Sharing is caring. Webinars are hot for lead generation

All you need to do to generate more leads is to find a topic that your prospects would find interesting and start capitalizing on it. An effective approach to webinar-aided lead generation is to include a native promotion of your product in your lectures.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is taking over.

In 2021, analysis is promised to become easier, more accurate, and significantly less time-consuming. Step-by-step, AI is taking over every aspect of our lives, and sales analytics is no exception. Forecasts formed with the help of AI-powered software can boast having enhanced precision, which can protect you from the risk of coming out of demand on the market.


Adoption of conversational customer experiences

A well-executed conversational customer experience implies better personalization of communication through an ongoing conversation between a customer and a business. If you know the history between you and your customers, you can offer them better solutions, quicker!


For an in-depth understanding of these sales trends, please read the full article by clicking the link below.


What’s Next?

Once you have read the article, focus on at least 2 of these sales trends and implement them in your day-to-day sales cycle.

We would love to hear your feedback on how it has impacted your sales, so please, leave a comment and give us your perspective.

I look forward to engaging with you on this topic.

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7 Responses

  1. True, value based selling is the solution. However, it is important that we point out value to our customers as we trade in a price sensitive market. Customers are under pressure and therefore make impulsive decisions. Customers are no longer just willing to pay, you need to prove the value you will add. The more you educate the customer, the more the customer appreciates the value added to the bundle.

  2. In the PSB space it is definitely something we have been lacking but now we can explore and use these tools to sell effectively….grow as individuals and set the bar

  3. Social Selling Is Essential, I love doing this, as I meet with my clients, I always tell them about other products that we offer and eventually they will come back and ask for more.

  4. In our space relationship building is quite important, but I also find that selling, whether it is the product or the experience has become key.

    1. I completely agree Nico, early adopters to new technology and methods gain a huge advantage in the sales landscape.

  5. I rely mainly on social selling, planting seeds and nurturing relationships. This works for me, it might take longer to close a deal but the client knows that they can always rely on me.

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