Human Capital Development

Increase focus, drive and motivation in high pressure environments.

What is Human Capital Development?

At GHM we believe that one pertinent improvement area for all customer facing or sales driven departments is to increase the focus and drive on managing & motivating staff in a high pressure environment; to achieve excellent sales results and meet all scorecard criteria. These workshops will introduce new techniques, proven methodologies, and inspired concepts specifically designed to enable the workshop delegates to plan, drive and execute effective strategies, all with the aim of improving focus on sales, controlling the outcomes, and driving measurable results.

A set of interventions focusing primarily on sales excellence (sales individuals, teams and sales leaders) with the aim of helping organisations drive their businesses, through focused revenue drives, to achieve their optimal potential. In this area we work with leaders and teams by providing nesting support to entrench the critical outcomes resulting from the program.

Customer Centric Consulting

The Sales landscape have shifted, and the customer experience completely modified. Yet, many organisations are still using conventional Sales techniques and mentalities. Our core principle that’s embedded in our philosophy, is for delegates to focus on getting the customer to Feel, rather than just Think.

Topics Covered

This workshop covers critical tenants of the most successful Sales Call, by outlaying a deep understanding of the organic sales process, a methodology to conduct effective needs analysis and objection handling. This forms the foundation of changing mindset & approach, with regards to their customer base.

This workshop assists delegates in clearly understanding and describing their Value Propositions.

  • Helps delegates building better habits and improve their 5 Sales Assets
  • Delegates will design a Unique Value Proposition for different business Segments
  • Conducting a Personality Profiling assessment to define individual personality types and that of Customers & Colleagues

There are too many similar companies, using similar people, selling similar products! This module enables delegates to define their X factor and step-up, in order to stand-out.

We’ll focus on the following sales skills:

  • Creating urgency; Deal with the Most Common Objections (bespoke); Learn Top Sales Closes

Consisting of a Panel Assessment to determine competence in displaying understanding and implementation of the new Sales Skills.

Effective Negotiation

For some, negotiating is about hard bargaining, taking a stand and getting as much as you can out of the deal, even if it is at the expense of the other party. For us, it is a collaborative and creative approach, based on win-win that results in positive results for both parties.

This intensive two-day workshop will provide you with the knowledge and skills required to negotiate successfully. You will learn how to negotiate deals that are focused on creating lasting value for both you and your clients. This involves the planning and preparation you need to do beforehand as well as the tactics you apply when face-to face.

Topics Covered


  • What is negotiation?
  • Characteristics of effective negotiators
  • The shifts we need to make when approaching negotiations
  • Benefits of this approach
  • The seven elements of a successful negotiation



  • Question and manage your assumptions
  • Elements to consider when preparing for the negotiation:
    • Map who is involved
    • Identify core issues
    • Understand interests
    • Brainstorm options
    • Consider alternatives (including fall-back positions)
  • Identify commitments required and who makes decisions
  • Set an agenda
  • Plan how you will communicate
  • Map levels of influence and strategize your approach
  • Plan for improving relationships
  • Anticipate objections / surprises



  • Set the tone for the negotiation
  • Review the agenda
  • Agree on the objectives of the meeting
  • Show that you are really listening
  • Separate the relationship from what is being discussed
  • Create and refine your options
  • Find out as much as you can about their interests
  • Brainstorm potential
  • Agree on the best outcome
  • Compare options to what you need
  • Focus on joint value
  • Make commitments carefully
  • Adapt your approach
  • Apply empathy
  • Make a recommendation
  • Motivate the recommendation
  • Agree on the way forward



  • Make sure you know who makes the decision
  • Get people on the same page
  • Document
  • Get feedback
  • Make revisions
  • Get agreement
  • How to manage hard bargainers o Don’t react o Diagnose what is

Relationship Sales

These modules are designed to help you grow your sales with your clients through building meaningful business relationships. It is one of the most important skillsets to acquire to ensure success for anyone that interacts with people.

This intensive two-day workshop will provide employees in the sales space with the knowledge and skills to establish, build and maintain valuable relationships. You will also learn how to design solutions to specific needs.

Topics Covered


  • Characteristics of top performing salespeople
  • What does my client want from me?
  • Why building relationships is so important
  • Overview of the relationship pyramid
  • Elements of a successful business relationship



  • Do your research
  • Craft a meaningful value proposition
  • Leverage social media
  • Create an engagement plan that will bring your clients to you
  • Give your clients a reason to want to engage with you.
  • How to write effective e-mails
  • Advanced telephone techniques



  • Build trust and rapport: Introduce yourself and create a connection with potential customers
  • Deliver business insight
  • Active listening and diagnostics: understand needs and requirements
  • Structure the conversation: Pain – Impact – Vision of Solution
  • Tailor the solution: Talk to the Industry, Company, Role and Individual
  • Get permission to proceed: Summarise and get them to agree to next steps



  • The structure of a good proposal.
  • Build a business case that communicates value
  • Use language that influences behaviour: choose your words wisely to get the results you want
  • Present your solution: How to present your solution in a way that generates action



  • How to structure the closing conversation
  • The importance of a pre-close
  • Words you need to use to ensure action and commitment
  • The process for managing a negotiation
  • How to deal with specific objections
  • How to take the focus off competitive solutions

Telesales Excellence

GHM’s best-in-class telesales excellence workshops assists any individual who interacts with internal & external customers. It provides best practise techniques and ensures implementation through the GHM Nesting process.

Topics Covered

  • Successful telesales structure
  • Building emotional connections
  • Service recovery strategy
  • Scripting
  • Attributes for success
  • Closing & Objections

Account Management

Our bespoke programs, aimed at account executives and individuals, dealing with small too large key accounts. It is aimed at implementing a proven sales process & methodology.

Topics Covered

  • 5 step methodology
  • Sales process, with key sales tasks in each segment
  • Collaboration
  • Value trades
  • Planning
  • Customer research

Sales Driven Leadership

At GHM, we have extensive experience in increasing team dynamics, morale and performance through leadership skills and improving Manager behaviour and skillset. We work with many Team-leaders, Managers & Sales Managers across a variety of market leading industries, within a huge array of business segments and types. Always ensuring that each intervention is tailor-made with bespoke modules and practical on-the-job case studies.

Topics Covered


  • Principles of Sales Management & Leadership
  • Situational Leadership
  • Self-discipline & Time management
  • Action Centred Leadership
  • Managing “up”



  • Strategy & Communication
  • Words matter, but words are not enough
  • Common Communication mistakes
  • Logos / Ethos / Pathos
  • Understanding Communication Patterns & Styles
  • Minimize Barriers to effective Communication



  • Plan, Drive & Executing sales strategies
  • Customer Segmentation for business types
  • Customer Specific Value Propositions
  • Plan – new Lead Generation campaigns
  • Effective Super Sales weeks
  • Set – timelines and action points for each campaign



  • Assets
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Knowing you team – Personality Profiling
  • Coaching for Sales improvement
  • Conducting meetings / Huddles & Power Hours
  • Motivating without Money & How to empower people



  • Individual interactions with each delegate
  • Implementation of the outcomes of the workshops
  • On-the-job coaching
  • Driving campaigns and activities



  • Individually presented in front of a Panel
  • Each delegate to prepare an overview on how they’ve used specific outcomes
  • Each delegate to prepare an Action Plan with regards to knowing their teams, planning activities and exhibiting the newly acquired Management & Leadership Skills

Team Dynamics

Culture is measurable. There is no neutral culture. It’s either positive or negative. Through the GHM team dynamics workshops we ensure to raise the competency as well as the morale of your team through proven methods and strategies.

Topics Covered

  • Tuckman model – team development wheel
  • Methods of achieving a High performing team
  • Belbin team roles & how to apply the findings
  • Strategies for improved group dynamics
  • Dealing with conflict

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