The X-Factor and Customer Excellence

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27 february 2019
08:30 - 16:00

How to Stand Out from the Rest

There are too many similar companies, selling similar services, with similar people – you have to stand out!
This module will enable you to define your X factor and the need to step-up in order to stand-out.
We focus on making your Sales Pitch memorable, Creating urgency, Dealing with the Most Common Objections (bespoke) and Top Sales Closes

In this Workshop, You Will:

• Discover and understand the x-Factor in people and in yourself and how this relates to Sales
• Learn to maximize the use of the phone to grab attention and open the sale
• Understand the opening of a sale, handling objections and losing a sale

You will be provided with valuable tools and resources:
Job Aid: SMART Goal methodology
Job Aid: LAIR Template (how to handle objections effectively)

Workshop Overview

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Telephone Excellence +

• Successful telesales structure
• Building emotional connections
• Scripting
• Call Flow
• Wining words and phrases

The X-Factor +

• What does the ‘X-Factor’ Mean? Characteristics of people with the X-Factor
• The 3 P’s
• Positive Mental Attitude
• Willpower and Habits
• Goal Setting
• Activities to stand out from the rest

Objection handling +

• The Art of Handling objections
• Objection Handling Formula
• The most common objections in Recruitment/Staffing Industry

Closing Techniques +

• Overview of best sales closes
• In depth look at 3 Best Sales Closes

  • Pre-work: Delegates receives invite and preparatory work to prepare for the Live intervention

  • 1 Day training intervention One full day packed with content, exercises, case studies and interaction, ensuring new sales habits are formed.

  • Post-course assignments: Delegate specific Next Actions & Assignments are distributed help to ensure implementation.

  • Nesting Session: A one-on-one video conference with each delegate to coach the individual with the aim of improving certain aspects and driving the ROI.

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