Value Trades & Unique Value Propositions

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28 february 2019
08:30 - 16:00

How to Sell Benefits and Add Additional Value to Your Client’s Business

This workshop assists you to clearly understand Value Propositions. It focuses on helping you to build better habits to understand and improve the use of your 5 Sales Assets and design Unique Value Propositions for different business segments. A Personality Profiling Assessment is carried out to determine your individual personality type and to be able to adapt and adjust to Customers & Colleagues personality types.

In this Workshop, You Will:

• Acknowledge the Evolution of Sales and how this affects your approach
• Clearly understand and describe your Value Proposition
• Appreciate the importance of building meaningful relationships
• Demystify habits and learn how to build better habits
• Broaden from ‘Product Focused’ to ‘Value Focused’ selling
• Design a Unique Value Proposition and show customers the business advantages of your offering
• Define your personality type

You will be provided with valuable tools and resources:
Job Aid: Customer Segmentation Worksheet
Job Aid: Personality Style Questionnaire

Workshop Overview

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The Evolution of Sales +

• Past vs Present

The Big WHY +

• The difference between selling on the ‘what’ but rather on the ‘why’

Sales Assets +

• How to maximize your 5 Sales Assets

Value Propositions +

• What is a Value Proposition?
• Value Proposition formula
• Link Phrases
• Individual value propositions

Understanding Personality Profiling +

• The Psychodynamic Approach
• Different types of personalities
• The BCG Matrix

Will-Power & Habits +

• Understanding good sales habits
• How habits work

  • Pre-work: Delegates receives invite and preparatory work to prepare for the Live intervention

  • 1 Day training intervention One full day packed with content, exercises, case studies and interaction, ensuring new sales habits are formed.

  • Post-course assignments: Delegate specific Next Actions & Assignments are distributed help to ensure implementation.

  • Nesting Session: A one-on-one video conference with each delegate to coach the individual with the aim of improving certain aspects and driving the ROI.

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