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Kerston Foods started the journey with GHM in 2015 where the Executive Team were taken through the GHM Management and Leadership Development Programme. This year long course really educated and equipped our team to think strategically and to implement the classroom learning into their everyday roles. From this point forward, GHM worked alongside our business, getting to know who we were, who our market was and how they could apply their knowledge to our business. We have certainly become a team working towards a common goal as opposed to a customer / service provider relationship. We have continued to use GHM for further training over these 5 years and will continue to do so into the future.

Richard — CEO

I cannot thank you enough for the work and time you put into your sessions with the team – from the very early starts to the late ending times. The response directly from the team and via their evaluations has been overwhelmingly positive! This is just what we needed to kick start the year and focus beyond just work success, hopefully this intervention re-ignites personal drive and passion!

“The after training discussions are a unique initiative and effective as it allows you to do introspection on how to incorporate the training within your daily routine. Training is well thought out, comprehensive and professional ”

– Leanne

Since the implementation of the GHM sales training, we have seen an improvement in sales, morale. Business Managers are more confident and now have a structure and purpose to make contact with clients. These managers are keen to use the training to improve their personal sales ability and it’s been implemented through the GHM Nesting process. A well worth training intervention for our Business Managers!

We unlocked the leadership potential in our supervisory group by engaging GHM to run a Supervisory Skills Development course for our production supervisory staff in the Western Cape. The ability of the GHM program to identify and help address key operational and leadership issues in this team has been very beneficial to Albany Bakeries specifically and will stand our business in good stead in our drive for operational excellence in what we do.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank GHM for their education and guidance, as this has helped me succeed and grow. The GHM team is truly one of the best and I recommend them very highly. Doing my Management & Leadership development program through them has been a great experience.

Clint De Goede

“ Time management team dynamics& presentation skills –It was great that they could always provide examples when it was requested.”

– Gino

At Capfin, we are pleased to have an ongoing relationship with GHM Training. They are definitely experts in the field of people development and we have been incredibly impressed with the level of service, flexibility and quality of training being delivered. They understand our business, our people and are a trusted partner.

“I found the training I attended informative. Helped me better my time management. ”

– Amanda

Thanks to GHM at iDealDirect, training and development is now an integral part of our strategy and forms part of our business priority as a high performing organization We value our employees and it’s not too difficult now to see how investing in our people has made our organization stronger. Everyone at iDealDirect will confirm

that they are being invested in, and in turn they are investing more in their functions at all levels. Effective training and development begins with involving the right stakeholders and when we involved GHM they not only incorporated our company’s own culture and values, but they entrenched themselves in our business. We generally concentrated on products and services only, which GHM highlighted wasn’t enough for us to meet our strategic goals. They then devised bespoke training and assisted our employees to achieve these goals. I highly recommend them.

GHM are a professional team who understand our business and it is always a pleasure working with them. They are passionate about helping us develop our people and improving our operational processes.

I cannot thank you enough for the work and time you put into your sessions with the team – from the very early starts to the late ending times. The response directly from the team and via their evaluations has been overwhelmingly positive! This is just what we needed to kick start the year and focus beyond just work success, hopefully this intervention re-ignites personal drive and passion!

“Time management x factor - manage my time sufficiently to achieve all daily goals & building confidence with in my team.”

– Ignatius

We have worked with GHM Development & Training (GHM) for for quite some time and are delighted with the work carried out so far. Our company, Modern Hair & Beauty, is a distributor of professional hair and beauty products to the professional salon market and the level of service needs to be of the highest standard, which is why we initially engaged GHM. They delivered Service Excellence Workshops with all of our teams and included individual coaching. At first I was sceptical, but the results and impact on our business has been awe- inspiring. GHM understood the high standards that our company needs and are most efficient in delivering beyond expectations. I would highly recommend working with them.

“I really enjoyed the training as it gave me the tools to manage my time more effectively and understand how team dynamics plays a major role and can change from performing to forming and how it effects myself and my team. ”

– Olivia Morsy

We have had the pleasure of working with GHM for 3 years now and our Executive Team is in the process of completing the Management Development and Leadership Program.

GHM have also assisted us with Customer Service Training, the implementation of KPI’s throughout the company as well as facilitating our first ever structured company team build. GHM have been involved in virtually every aspect in our business, from Sales & Sales management training; Senior - & Mid-level Management Development Programs and hosting our conferences and team- builds.

They have proven to be very professional in all their dealings with our company, are incredibly knowledgeable and passionate, and have assisted us in moving the business forward in a way that would not have been possible without their help.

Thank You GHM!

“A.M.A.Z.I.N.G! I was quite impressed by the energy and devotion each trainer has when they presented their topics, you could tell that they were passionate their work itself was captivating…”

– Rose

GHM have had a deep and effective influence on our business.
This ranges from helping us to grow our management team from leadership development on their excellent Leadership Development Program, to working with individual managers and leaders from a coaching and mentoring perspective. Our business is stronger and more effective today because of the work that GHM has done with us.

“It was helpful for me, made me plan my day/work better. Also, it has help me prioritise better. ”

– Babalwa

“It taught me a lot about who I am as a person within my job description and where I am lacking and can be better.”

– Erika

In a sales environment, Return on Investment from training is crucial. Within the first month of working with GHM, MPC Recruitment in Cape Town already increased all our important sales ratio’s. Actual revenue, directly related to the skills and experience gained through the GHM Accelerated Recruitment Consulting programme, ensured an ROI within the first quarter.

GHM is brilliant in taking universal sales principles and translating it into the Agency Recruitment environment, ensuring its implementation through their nesting process. This training programme is a must for every Recruitment Agency.

“I enjoyed the training, it was very insightful and helped me a lot in my personal and working environment.”

– Chris-Marie

Since we engaged GHM to assist with our business management processes, we have drawn immense pleasure from the lessons they offer for business performance and growth. Their programs are interactive and highly engaging and we at Modern Hair and Beauty (Wella) have benefited greatly from programs that range from senior management support to customer excellence interventions. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend GHM to any company who wants to get their business teams performing at optimal levels!

Since we engaged GHM in our talent management interventions, we have seen excellent growth with our sales training department specifically. GHM have a unique manner of delivering their services that ensures relevance for specific businesses based on their ability to design tailored programs for different businesses. In our case, we have been very blessed to have GHM work with us in the sales training area and look forward to continuing what is a very fruitful business interaction with them.

“The training was very informative and I am currently using the skills I acquired.”

– Robert

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