our foundational elements

a solid foundation for amazing results

At GHM, we pride ourselves in being wholeheartedly focused on the achievement of our clients’ business objectives through deep and meaningful attention given to the advancement of their workforce. People make organisations and our interventions are geared towards strong pursuance of company goals driven by the development of the individuals that make the team.

We deliberately choose to approach our customers’ needs with a focused, client-specific view which enables us to design solutions and interventions that are bespoke and deal with the specific challenges that our clients have, often combining proven principles with specific requirements to deliver ideal results.

Personal Values & Core Beliefs

Personal Values are critical in determining how we behave in the world, and also how we respond to people and situations that do not reflect or respect our personal values. They are also critical in determining the kind of work and social environments that serve us / don’t serve us and whether or not we will flourish in these environments. Understanding personal values and how these manifest in life and work, is critical to personal growth and professional advancement.

Healthy Relationships & Healthy Connections

The quality and connection of our personal and professional relationships are vital in determining how well we do in life and work. Often these connections become degraded and poorly maintained, or broken, which diminish our personal success factors substantially. We gain tremendous personal power and support from healthy connected relationships. Develop high trust and high touch.

Stand Up For Yourself And Your Relationships

One of the greatest barriers to personal success and fulfillment is when we allow ourselves to be dominated or ‘walked over’ by other people. If you want to find your personal X Factor then you need to learn how to stand up for yourself. You also need to show support and alignment in your relationships too. Learn to stand up in your relationships as well, and be courageous enough to challenge your relationships when they are not serving you.

Giving And Receiving Open Feedback

Learn how to give important feedback when you need to say something. This is a strong tool in building a solid personal brand that is built around personal accountability and open communication. Also become able to ask for feedback so you can gain critical insight into how people are impacted by you. This gives you a rare opportunity to get to know about your strengths and blind spots. Having awareness of these areas will significantly improve your ability to impact positively and effectively with people around you.

Letting Go Of Things To Create New Space For Possibilities

We all have mindsets we hold on to that we need to let go of. These take up time and energy and sap our ability to be adapting and dynamic in life and work. What do we need to let go of in order to gain the space for new mindsets and activities?

What Stories Are You Telling Yourself Which Need To Be Retold?

The way we see and experience the world comes down to the stories or narratives we hold on to and repeatedly tell ourselves. What narratives are not serving you? What new story do you need to start telling yourself more? How will a new personal set of narratives support you in finding your best self, and in redefining the way you see the world?

Find Your Opportunities To Show Leadership

You don’t have to be a leader to show leadership. We each have daily opportunities to show leadership qualities in action but do we spot them, or are we bold enough act on them? Find your leadership qualities and use them consciously in life and work.

What Areas Of Personal Growth Are You Neglecting?

We all have a few areas of personal development that we know we neglect. It is the neglect, and the knowledge of this neglect that deflates our self-image and causes us to become disempowered. Be relentless in defining personal growth plans and ideas in these areas. This is where we unlock newfound self-respect and personal evidence that we can triumph over personal challenges, which directly affects how others perceive you and experience your value.

Are You Engaged In Your Passions And Interests?

Do you spend enough time enabling your passions and interests to feed yourself? Too many of us let our passions go in favor of doing things that don’t feed the soul or our need for personal creativity and achievement. By working consistently on passions and personal interests we generate major energy and personal satisfaction, which also directs impacts on how you feel about yourself and how you impact others.

What Are Your Fears And How Are They Blocking Your Potential?

Fears are often unfounded and unhelpful. We owe it to ourselves to challenge and test our fears so we can move beyond self imposed limitations that can be eliminated and find the evidence of being able to do this.

What Habits Do You Need To Get Rid Of / Replace?

Some of the greatest self-motivation you can give yourself is found in the process of removing and replacing negative or limiting habits with productive and healthy ones. This process builds personal rigor, discipline, and self-awareness, and it provides you with the evidence that you CAN change.

Where In Your Life / Work Are You Behaving Like A Victim?

We all behave like victims from time to time. It is vital to recognize when you are being a victim, and how to eliminate victim thinking and acting. Instead of becoming a victim and finding justifications for poor performance, or blaming others around you, how can you spot ‘victim’ speak and replace this with something more personally accountable?

Where Is Your Mindset Fixed And How Can You Transition Into A Growth Mindset?

It is important for people to discover how to grow and learn new things. Developing a growth mindset is a critical aspect of personal development, and it is through developing a growth mindset that we become the best version of ourselves. Many people believe they are stuck as they are, or that their circumstances cannot change. This is called a fixed mindset and it causes people to stop developing. People can achieve a growth mindset in which our basic faculties and potential is malleable.

Who Is Your Support System And Are You Engaging In Mentorship And Coaching?

Change and self-improvement is tough to achieve. This is why it is vital that you have a support system in place to enable you to make progress, and to have people to speak to, ask for support, when you need it. These people can come from work and from life. Have you ever asked for mentorship? Or do you belong to a group or society externally? These self-built networks are critical to assisting a person in stepping up and finding support when you need it.

How Are You Helping Other People To Challenge And Improve Themselves? How Are You Providing Support To Others?

One of the best ways to become better at what you do is to help others to become better. This builds a productive and reciprocal environment in which people help each other to get better at what they do. Having a helpful and helping mindset is a very growth orientated mindset.

Are You Practicing New Ways And Methods Regularly To Achieve Different And Improved Results?

Without dedicated time and effort in trying news things, and repeatedly trying them you cannot evolve. How are you finding the time and space to try new methods? How long are you trying them before you give in? Then are you finding another approach until you find the right approach?

How To Handle Tough Or Challenging Conversations With Calm And Ease.

When the conversation is tough we tend to show up our worst. Emotions and poor interpersonal behavior messes things up, often leading to a bad outcome. How we handle the tough conversations in work will determine how we succeed and progress at work.

Understanding The Sigmoid Curve And How To Use It.

It is important to recognize that life and work is part of a never-ending wave of ups and downs. This curve allows you to orientate yourself, and it explains what each stage of the curve means for you, or for your company, and when the best times are to make changes.

What Is Working / What Isn’t / What Do You Need To Do Differently?

All skills and competencies we are required to learn are learnt based on a person’s mindset and foundational competencies underpinning any other learning. It is impossible to learn new skills and competencies if you have a fixed mindset or poor habits that stop you from being aware of the changes you need to make. The ability to learn new things is founded upon your openness, willingness, focus, and attention to being able to learn, change, and step up to meet the requirements of your life and work.

Who Am I Being To Get What I Am Getting?

People become different characters in life and work. How am I showing up in the different stories of my life / work and how does this way of being affect the responses / reactions I get from my relationships / environment? What change could I make to the person I think I need to be?