Create Good Habits & Set Meaningful Goals


Creating Effective Habits & Goals

The way in which we had to radically adapt to a new way of working and living threw a lot of us into a flat spin. To keep up with the demands on us and to operate effectively became incredibly difficult.

To start 2022 — with a renewed focus — with a new skillset and to assist you with planning your life and reaching your goals, we decided to help you with the first steps – to create something new for yourself! Find the link to the Toolkit at the end of this post.

If you commit to this, you have our expertise and assistance and we can guarantee you positive results!

This Tool Kit forms the blueprint, the foundation, that you’ve set and the expectations that you want to meet. Something you can track your progress on. The Tool Kit is self-explanatory, with a clear guide, as to the requirements.

The 1st section focuses on Goals.

We’ll show you a step-by-step methodology in planning your goals, tracking them and achieving them. The Tool Kit also provide a few Goal Ideas, which we know prove hugely influential!

Then, we move on to Habits.

Most often, we are a sum of our Habits! From the mundane, like tying your shoes, or brushing your teeth, to the compulsive, destructive Habits, that many of us carry… We’ll show you how all Habits, good and bad, consists of 3 components.

Then, we look at 6 Bad Habits that you should avoid at all cost.

The toolkit then delves into different aspects of Habits, with tips and guidelines, for wat to focus on and how to start.

Two of the most vital factors in this Tool Kit, are the final sections, on Micro-Habits and Keystone Habits.

How do you eat an elephant – you know right – one bite at a time…

With Goals & Habits – that bite is Micro habits.

They allow you to take one small step towards that Habit in aid of your Goal. Just one step, which is followed by another, and another and before you know it, it is AUTOMATED and you’re well on your way towards cementing the new routine!

As an example, if I want to be healthier/fitter, and decide to walk/exercise – the micro-habit could be:

  • I put on comfy gear, and my trainers after I have my coffee in the morning. Just that 1 step…
  • Use a little willpower to go & DO it!
  • Start small (20-min walk / take the dog out / stretch / yoga / gym.
  • You want to have breakfast after (normally it’s an automated decision, as to what you’re having)
  • Choose a healthy alternative for that day. Just that 1 step. For that 1 meal.

If you stick with the small choices, the GOOD choices (and in your heart – you KNOW it’s good 😊) before you know it – the behaviour becomes automated.

When you fail at it, which you will sometimes – it is not a catastrophe, nor the reason that “all-bets-are-off”. You simply acknowledge that you failed this time, and ensure to have the “Never Fail Twice” mentality.

There are other examples of Micro Habits in the Tool Kit.

Keystone Habits

According to Charles Duhigg, these are patterns, that lead to transformation of several areas of your life and starts a positive chain reaction.

The Tool Kit provides guidance and examples on these.

The final part of the Tool Kit provides you with templates to record and track your progress, and 2 templates for a Food Journal and a Daily Planner.

Let us know how the toolkit has helped you, what new, good habits you’re forming, and what bad habits you’re breaking in the comments section below.

Download: Habits & Goals Toolkit >>

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