The Power of Gratitude

This first Lesson In this Series focusses on Gratitude.

Ultimately, we’re generally our own biggest critics, so this lesson plan is designed to assist you in controlling your inner voice, to choose a different narrative of your day (or life) and to help you realise what you DO have, versus what you DON’T have. It’s to assist you in “talking” to yourself and not “listening” to yourself—there’s a huge difference. This exercise influences your thoughts, mindset & output hugely! It changed my life…

Over the past 20 years of conducting this exercise with people, we found that also using an Anchoring Thought with this exercise proves hugely helpful. It Is something you must keep in mind and repeat to yourself throughout the day.


Anchoring Thought

The Anchoring Thought for this Lesson Is:

“Today I behold the Abundance that surrounds me.”


It’s About Perspective

Specifically, during this current, challenging time, this exercise will help you to put all things in perspective. We’re out of our comfort zones, it’s easy to focus on what’s wrong. This practise will help you focus on what’s right.

Ultimately, in our normal lives, most of us hardly have enough quality time to spend with our children, wife’s and family. Time to spend on ourselves; to focus on improvements. Realise that this avails you with such opportunity! It’s not often in your life, you’ll get to spend such a long time, in such proximity, with the people that matter the most to you.


Practise this exercise every morning, even encourage your partners, children & family to do the same. make It a discussion – It’ll open your eyes to the beauty of your world and to the things & times that your children value.



Lesson Plan

Take 5 minutes every morning, find a quiet spot and commit to this quick exercise. Start talking out loud all the things you have in life that you can be grateful for. It can be difficult in the beginning, so start with the small things. As time goes buy, spend more time on it—you’ll find that you need it.

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  1. I find it very impactful when combining with a form of spiritual meditation and also when doing it together with my wife. Thank you👌🏼.

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