Have Maturity.

The ability to respond to the environment, being aware of how to behave in the correct time and manner and knowing when to act, according to the circumstances. We must be mature enough to do the right things, that we know will keep everyone around us safe and secure. Rather than a mind of self-orientation and scarcity, by example – stockpiling toilet paper and sanitiser, what happens to your neighbour?

Manage Your Thoughts, Temper and Actions

One of the ways to manage your thoughts, temper or actions is by asking yourself, “Is — the way I’m reacting / my temper / my actions — right now beneficial to anyone? To my loved ones? to myself?” If yes, how are they beneficial? If not, then stop.

Respect other people’s Views & Opinions

There’s never a need to start a war just because someone has a differing opinion or view. Respect theirs, they’ll respect yours.

Make Sacrifices

Do more for others, especially the ones you love. How are you making a sacrifice for your self and those around you?

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  1. Maturity takes time to build. I don’t think age is a factor. I personally work on my maturity by considering how my actions will impact both myself and the individuals involved for decisions I make.

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