“It is impossible to hold the baby on your hip, cook the rice and talk on the telephone.”

Multitasking is your Enemy. Take One Task at a Time.

The best way to utilize your time is to take one thing at a time and accomplish it before jumping to the next thing. Make a list of tasks that need to be accomplished in terms of their priority and importance to achieving your goals. In the final Time Management lesson, we provide you with some tools to manage your time better.

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  1. Multitasking has not worked for me because i left everything half done, with the touch once method i will have things to tick off my list

  2. My downfall was once multitasking but i realised that i was not giving each task the attention it needed. Now i concerntrate on each task and understand my priorities to ensure i do my best for each task.

  3. I multitask very often. sometimes I am not aware of it because I will automatically move to a different task then notice at the end of the day that I have incomplete tasks.

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