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Do you sometimes feel that your work load and responsibilities leaves you mentally exhausted? That needing to perform at best levels consistently raises your anxiety levels? That fearing failure keeps you up at night? That you are torn between being loyal to your family and your personal wellbeing, to being loyal to your job, position and organisation? That you are losing a grip on your personal life and family duties? That you are an emotional wreck?

It’s no secret that the corporate life is demanding; the pressure is always on. You are always evaluated by your most recent performance. You have to be relevant. You have be consistent. You have to be effective. You have to have good results. You have to justify your existence within the organisation.

But the pressure breeds stress and stress has consequences… What can you do to sustain this constant pressure, and still stay clear, resilient, productive, positive and vibrant? How can you live with less fear worries and anxiety? How can you ensure that your wellbeing isn’t sacrificed on the way? If you look at the world right now, it is clearly evident.


Our Minds Create Behavioural Patterns

Neuroscience reaffirms today, what has been uncovered thousands of years ago through the practice of meditation. That our mind creates a behavioural pattern (imprinted in our mind by neural pathways) based on our subjective perceptions and reactions, and that this pattern is then enhanced by our repetitive subjective perception and reactions. In simple words this means, that the more we react in a particular way, the deeper the same patterns of our reaction become. It also means that our reactions are always dependant on our imprinted perception, and an existing pattern.

So, if for example, we react with fear, anxiety, and worry, its because the seeds of fear anxiety and worry are already imprinted in our mind. And all this happens in a very deep level of our mind, without our awareness.

With this understanding it is very clear to see, that our perceptions are the root cause, to our every reactive emotion, thought, action, and subsequently our outcome. If we want a different outcome, we need to go to the root cause, and somehow change our perception first, and then our reactive emotions, thoughts, and actions will change automatically.

Neuroscientists agree today, just like meditators have discovered and experienced thousands of years ago, that our perception isn’t hard wired, and is changeable. This means that if our perception is negative and disempowering, it can be changed to be positive and empowering, and this is possible with the regular and repetitive practice of the right awareness and objectivity, i.e with the right technique!

You need to empower your team, by giving them the opportunity to practice a technique, that will help them overcome their own inhibiting patterns. By helping them, you will make them more resilient, more vibrant, more positive, thus creating a more harmonious, and more productive work environment. You need to empower yourself, to ensure that you operate in a performance mode no matter what your day or the world throws your way.


A Practical Workshop

We have designed a practical workshop, to teach you this technique, in a way that will be integrated into your daily life and work, without interfering with the daily workload, to make it possible to experience its benefits in real time, without compromising any time!



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  1. Meditation has helped me a lot recently to alleviate to the added stress of the pandemic and extra work load. I also like to listen to calming music in my meditation.

  2. Meditation / Prayer helps to block out outside distractions and worries. Keeps you focused and brings peace.

  3. I really want to start meditating and have a stronger mind set or mental state, and I have found the biggest challenge is just getting started, because your day is so crazy, so my solution is to get up earlier in the morning to do it first thing.

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