The Ability to See the Potential in Everything

It’s a kind of law, like law of attraction, and cause and Effect. It is to be able to see the potential in anything and everything. There’s no failing, just potential and growth. It’s an incredible ideal. Coupled with that, you’ll relinquish the need to pass judgement. In all its forms. In so many ways, that sets you free.

Here’s a basic example that happened to me on the first morning of starting this Awareness:

Typical morning, running ragged, a little late for a meeting. I turn into a road with a longish uphill, and as I turn, I’m bumper to bumper. I can see an old truck right at the top of the hill, going way slowly, chugging along. Typically, I try and spot a gap and fret about trying to speed it up, but this time I sat and I thought about not judging the person or event. I looked at the old truck at the top and saw an arm resting on the side of the driver door, with him also tapping his fingers impatiently on the side mirror.

He knows he is going slow. He himself is probably frustrated; it’s not what he wants… Then I thought, “you know, he has a job as a driver and he will bear the frustration throughout his day, but he’ll return home and be able to feed his family & children and provide for them and nurture them.”

All of a sudden, I had no problem sitting, waiting to get up the hill after that thought—that awareness. It is that simple, but also, that difficult to open your mind and your eyes to see the potential In everything.



Lesson Plan

In principle, it’s simple, but in practise, it takes time to develop the awareness. You will notice the difference immediately though.

3 Requirements

For this Law to take effect, there are only 3 requirements:

  • Find Stillness
  • Use Anchoring Thoughts
  • Do not judge People or Events

Finding Stilness

Starting to “find stillness” for me, has been really difficult. The only way I have managed to come close is through Meditation. We shall also conduct a LIVE meditation session during next week, watch out for the Invite.

The Anchoring Thought

An anchoring thought is a thought you keep reminding yourself of, and keep repeating for the day. As you go about your day, keep it in mind, use it as a focal point for your awareness and witness the effect it creates.


The Anchoring Thought for this Lesson Plan is: 

“On this day, I shall not judge people / events”


Do Not Judge People or Events

We are quick, to find fault and judge people. We tend to do the same with events and we give it meaning, even though that event or person would have taken their course with or without you. Only you gave it that meaning. That meaning is also dependant on your mood, setting and circumstances. By simply not judging, we start creating more meaningful connections and discover immense potential!

So, become aware of every situation or thought, where you want to cast blame. When you use the Anchoring Thought, you’ll very quickly pick it up and then decide to respond differently.

Since practising the Law of Pure Potentiality, I find that I hardly judge people or events and I do not blame others, for pretty much anything… What a JOY!

Practise the following technique for a week and let us know what impact It had on your life own the comments below or in our Facebook Group: Growth Mindset

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  1. A very relatable article. When i first got into the working world, i judged myself because I would pre-empt that i can’t do something because either i don’t have the skills or resources but as I built courage and drive I began seeing the potential in myself to adapt, learn and challenge myself. Mining the potential in yourself and seeing it in others is very valuable.

  2. “Walk a mile in someone else’s shoes before you judge them” & “make lemonade out of lemons” comes to mind when reading this article

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