27 Jun 2022

Goal Setting

Learn more about goal setting and managing habits to help you succeed.

What are Goals?

At the most basic level a ‘goal’ is a desire, objective or outcome you wish to achieve. For example, losing a few kilograms, running a marathon, increasing savings, acquiring a Diploma or Degree, etc.

The trouble is, unless you write these objectives down and give yourself a timeframe and a methodology to achieve them, they are basically just dreams, and easily forgotten or put on the back burner.

People with well thought out, written goals are 50% more likely to succeed in lifethan people without goals. That statistic is crazy…

Targets and goals will also change and develop over time, often dependent on the success (or otherwise) of previous goals. The point is, it’s vital to continually revisit goals, to tweak, adjust or even entirely re-evaluate them in line with actual progress. There is little more demoralising than consistently missing out on achieving goals and targets.

Be prepared for things to change, have contingencies in place to mitigate them and don’t get too upset if you don’t reach the goal first time around; it doesn’t mean you’ve necessarily failed; it doesn’t mean the goal or target was unachievable; it might be the goal was too ambitious or that circumstances, the market or market conditions changed during the period.

Keep the end vision in view. Be proud of what you’ve achieved towards fulfilling your goals thus far.

Take Control of Your Goals & Habits

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