This is a call, to all—we’re capable of so much more.

We are all going THROUGH something, to get TO something… This Is our start, to

Creating A Limitless Life.

I arrived at the conclusion that I want more out of this life, when I thought back of all the dreams & hopes I’ve had as a child. That wonder I had—all the possibilities… I came to a simple realisation: “I need to change“. Not the world, not events, not people—If I want to get what I need, need to change. It’s not because things are terrible, as a matter of fact, I’m blessed and I’m successful and have more than what I need & I am not unhappy, but I feel, that there must be more to this life. And I take it all upon myself for now. I know I can do better, and I know I owe myself more!

If you’ve heard the following statement before, it might have hit home for you, like it did for me: “The odds were 400 trillion to One, for you being born as you. Put another way, you are more likely to win the lotto 10 times in your life, rather than actually having one.

So, you’ve already WON! If you’re body and mind is intact and working, if you are clothed, you have a roof over your head, you’ve attended a school and were educated (you can think, read and write) and you are earning an income, you’re in the top 10% of people on the Planet! 

Yet, we often revolve our lives and thoughts around mundane, minor complaints and strife’s. Inevitably, we get more and more affected, through the rigours of life and as we get older and more experienced (and damaged) we start bitching and moaning about things that are, ultimately, NOT REALLY IMPORTANT.

Until some true calamity occurs, a real serious ordeal, then we quickly realize how contrite we can be and how we missed out on our chances. Well, for me, not this time. I want to live a Limitless Life filled with Pure Potential! I am making the Choice to start now. I refuse to just go through the paces, I want to occupy my life fully! So, shake yourself out of moan, forget the complaint.



Life is short, with Optimism, let’s see the Opportunity.

Optimism is determined by your attitude & your thoughts. If I were to ask, how many of you have a Positive Attitude, around 75% of you will say you do. In reality, only about 8% of people who say they do, exhibit it. Having a Positive Attitude obviously doesn’t mean everything is hunky-dory and that all is well—it’s to do with how you perceive yourself, other people and situations. It is the Perspective you give it. It is choosing to have optimism, to see the good in the bad and to be able to respond differently and not become a Negative Critic. This world has an abundance of those!

If this rings true to you, then decide with me, right now. It only takes a moment—make It THIS moment. Close your eyes, take a deep breath and Simply decide—Yes or No. Whichever your choice, commit. If NO, then there is no problem and you simply spent two minutes reading something vaguely interesting, you’ll continue about your day and life continues as is. If It’s a YES, then, this Is your 1st step and we are with you.

We also know that the 1st steps are the hardest, as we’re often not sure how to start creating the change we want, to get the results we want. Let’s start by simplifying—we’re going to take One conscious step, every day, for the next 7 days.


What is “Creating a Limitless Life” (CALL)

C.A.L.L Is made up of short, individual Lesson Plans. These Lesson Plans will be completely free. Each Lesson Plan concludes with an ACT: Action—Conscious—Thought. Become Aware of it, Practise It and Implement It In your life.



Our only request to you is the following:
If you have committed to and executed a Lesson Plan, and it has impact on your life comment below with your story, or join or Facebook Group and share your story with likeminded people. Remember to share this with anyone and everyone you think may benefit, whether it be family, friends or colleagues! If you have questions or input, or require additional guidance, in the comments, send us an email, or ask in the Facebook group.

Growth Mindset vs Fixed Mindset

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16 Responses

    1. That is exactly what will happen if you continue on this path Priscilla.
      Well done thus far!
      We’ll assist you along the way – Upwards & Onwards.

    1. Hi Brenden – tx for your response – if you’ve seen or read our content on a Growth Mindset it’ll greatly assist you in your journey!
      🙂 good luck!

    1. Amazing insight Nettah – thank you!
      All we ever truly have, is the “moment”.
      If you’re interested in “Mindfulness”, which is all about being in the moment – pls check out our 30-day free, guided Meditation practice.
      It’s incredible!

  1. The power is within us to make a change, commit yourself to the change and live the change….excited to be part of the PMA team!

    1. Amazing choice Matsie! Pls be so kind as to share your current progress with me – I’d like to guide you to additional free content to assist your Growth.

  2. In the last 2 years I have streched my mind to focusing on things that I was not happy with about myself, and there is still items on myself that I am working on.
    Making my hair more healthy – done
    Making my face more healthy – done
    Losing weight – In progress
    Mental state
    Meditating – In progress
    Going to church more – In progress

    This all will improve myself holistically, to achieve my goals at work.

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