Diversity & Inclusion

Leverage diverse skills, perspectives, ethnicities, lifestyles and cultural backgrounds.

What is Diversity & Inclusion?

Move the needle forward on diversity and inclusion by leveraging the diverse skills, perspectives, ethnicities, lifestyles and cultural backgrounds of your employees.

At GHM we help organisations move the needle forward on diversity and inclusion by leveraging the diverse skills, perspectives, ethnicity, lifestyles and cultural backgrounds of their employees to drive business success and sustainability. We guide them through a journey which focuses on making diversity and inclusion an integral part of business strategy.


How We Do It

  • Collecting Raw Data About The Business To Identify Gaps
  • Aligning Policies And Processes With The Diversity And Inclusion Strategy
  • Designing And Deploying Tailored Training Modules Aimed At Unearthing Biases That Block Inclusivity And By Extension, Business Performance
  • Evaluating And Monitoring To Track Impact
  • Embedding Diversity And Inclusion Through Coaching And Mentoring


We’ll Challenge your Business to have Courageous Conversations

In addition to establishing baseline information, GHM challenges organisations to have courageous conversations on diversity and inclusion. Through a series of carefully crafted questions, we help the CEO and the executive team lead and participate in organisation-wide conversations which are clear and coherent.

Our interventions involve a live 1-Day workshop at different levels of the organisation, group and individual nesting sessions (live/digital).

Empowering Women

At GHM, we help organisations realise the value of having gender diverse teams by designing a roadmap which will define what Diversity & Inclusion means to them, review how their business model, policies and processes support or block gender inclusivity, design and deploy bespoke interventions which are aimed at promoting diversity and inclusion as well as engendering culture change.

The four phases of our best-in-class approach are:
  • Plan
  • Design
  • Implement
  • Embed

In addition to designing a clearly defined Diversity & Inclusion roadmap, GHM helps organisations through a series of guided conversations starting with the CEO and the executive teams and then cascaded to the rest of the organisation. Our guided conversations vary based on each business type and context.

We design them based on five key factors:
  • They must be True
  • They must be helpful
  • They must be inspiring
  • They must be necessary
  • They must be kind


Our interventions involve a live 1-Day workshop at different levels of the organisation, group nesting sessions and individual coaching (live/digital).


We assist organisations in building resilient teams by teaching them how to anticipate changes, how to evolve to meet the demands of a changing landscape with confidence and how to build a new narrative.

Based on the analysis of the research conducted on numerous businesses in different sectors, GHM, has designed interventions, live & digital, which helps teams assess individual levels of resilience and develop skills to improve each aspect.

We explore three characteristics of resilient individuals and organisations, followed by strategies that will help teams prepare, respond, learn and adapt during crises.

The interventions comprise of a ½ day live workshop and group nesting sessions (live or digital) and individual coaching sessions (digital)


We believe accountability is a personal choice and requires absolute ownership. Many believe it’s a skill, however, that is far from the truth, accountability is a mindset. One needs to focus on belief systems and the individual psychology of each delegate.

Our accountability interventions are built on 8 core skills:
  • Speed
  • Accuracy
  • Clarity
  • Transparency
  • Accessibility
  • Empower
  • Friendliness
  • Efficiency


Our interventions revolve around personal growth and not mere compliance, which ensure true commitment and embeds it in the moral fibre. We achieve this through a live workshop, group nesting and individual coaching (digital)

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