Leadership Development

Improve your Leadership team's effectiveness in all areas.

Improve your Leadership team’s effectiveness, People Management, Processes Management, Communication and Strategy Execution.

This is a full year program, consisting of 11 Modules incorporating all aspects of business, management and effective leadership. This program is aimed at managers and is designed to empower them with the necessary business knowledge and skills to further their personal development role, performance, and their overall contribution to the business. This program builds effective leaders.

In this area we focus on improving skills in leaders & managers. The program consists of a set of interventions (11) aimed at upskilling these individuals in a selection of critical skills and implementable practices.


Delegates present a pre-intervention presentation that sets the tone for the full program. Logistics, critical outcomes and requirements are discussed, and clear goals are set.


Critical tenants, traits and behaviours of leadership and management are workshopped. Our proven methodologies and systems enable delegates to lead & manage more effectively.

Coaching for Success

The GHM coaching methodology focusses on bespoke coaching systems, allowing delegates to properly conduct coaching with their teams in their work environment.

Customer Service Excellence

Our core understanding of customer centricity, allows delegates to fully understand and exemplify what great customer service entails.

The Power of Communication

Communication must have a specific purpose and an anticipated impact. Our best-in-class communication workshop focusses on the 3 main factors that enables effective communication.

Time & Stress Management

This module focusses on key improvement areas, in time – & stress management. Delegates are able to improve their time management using a proven matrix. As well as understanding modern day stressors and toolkits are provided to deal with stress more effectively.

Persuasive Presentations

The integral skill of presenting to a group and reaching the desired outcome is paramount to a leader. This module focusses on preparing, building and delivering exceptional presentations.

Finance for Non-Financial Managers

This crucial tenant of leadership and management is often viewed as complex and intimidating. We use simplified methods to assist understanding and ensure that each delegate can competently exhibit clear application of the topic.

Team Dynamics

One of the most essential ingredients of a cohesive, performing team, is Team dynamics. It’s often misunderstood, undervalued and comes across as a “soft” skill. Through the GHM method of driving team dynamics, we can clearly define financial and non-financial reward.

Business Planning

We ensure that delegates understanding basic business strategy and apply all the key outcomes of the program thus far, to design & develop a specific business plan.

Final Assessment

In order to assess competence and ensure implementation delegates will be subject to a panel assessment, comprising of leadership and industry experts.

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