Michael Prochnik

Mindset Transformation & Life Coach
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Michael considers mindset and life transformation coaching to be his true purpose. He acknowledges that his life experience has prepared him to naturally take on coaching to serve others.

Michael, currently living in Cape Town, started his journey in the mid-80’s by literally traveling. His passion for new experiences and cultures have taken him around the globe more than once.

While enrolled in an English program in UCSB, Michael was discovered by a modelling agent, who kick started his three decades international modelling career, working with leading brands, designers, and ad agencies, which allowed him to pursue traveling even more, experience life on all continents, live in different cities, and reach remote, off the beaten track communities.

At the same time he has developed a keen eye for photography, engaged at it professionally, but was mainly drawn to doing black and white portrait travel photography, as he loved to study people and communicate with them through the camera lens. Michael says that somehow people naturally let him into their space without being intimidated, and that using the camera allowed him to communicate intimately while overcoming his natural shyness.

In the mid-90’s on a trip to Nepal, Michael discovered the technique of Vipassana meditation, that had influenced his ways immediately. Michael says that once you see a truth as is, you can’t pretend you haven’t seen it, because the truth won’t let you.

Michael states that the daily practice of awareness using a meditation technique, that is UNIVERSAL, precise, non-sectarian, and without prejudice, makes the fundamental relationship between cause and effect in the universe, and consequently in our lives very clear. It puts into a true perspective, every persons role, responsibility, and accountability, whether wanting or not, and whether knowing it or not, in creating their own path. This deeper understanding, and wanting to help others, has naturally steered him to get certified as a life coach (IVCC), and as he currently does, also pursue life coaching as a career.

Michael says that taking his insights and skills to the corporate environment is imperative, as the rat race and modern lifestyle has too many casualties. He says that even a little personal paradigm shift through personal awareness, will turn any work environment to be more harmonious, more efficient, and thus more successful.

For the last 4 years, one of Michaels great joys has been to voluntary teach underprivileged kids in a government school meditation with great response. Michael says that doing this gives a special meaning to his life, and at the same time makes him so much more skilful.

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