James Lewis

Gauteng Regional Manager
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James is the GHM regional manager for Gauteng. James is a highly capable and talented individual, a seasoned facilitator , coach and a trained performer and musician. He has used a healthy combination of these skills over the years to deliver facilitated learning programs for government, the private sector, the NGO sector, and a range of other major corporate customers.

James’ facilitation experience has been significant and diverse in its application; as is displayed in the broad range of organizations he has worked with in this capacity including organisations like: Hollard, MMI, Kagiso Media, Dept of Forestry, Nandos, Standard Bank, PG Bison, Media 24, Ogilvy & Mather, Democratic Alliance, Ernest Oppenheimer Trust, New Leaders Foundation, PIKITUP, FNB, Brightrock Insurance, SAIA, Anglo Coal, Anglo Gold,, SAPREF, Mckinsey & Co, PWC Cement, BMW MINNIE, Sasol.

James is an expert in a variety of critical outcomes ranging from in-depth diversity workshops, strategy formulation, interpersonal communication, marketing, creative thinking team dynamics, and coaching.

One of James’s true passions lie in personal recovery and personal transformation coaching; rethinking, rebuilding, reinventing! James is a recovery coach and his purpose and personal calling is helping people to recover from challenging life or work experiences which have severely and negatively impacted their lives.

James is a disruptor when it comes to assisting people in reconnecting with their purpose and meaning in life.

His Main Motivations for Coaching

1) He wants to help others to reconnect with themselves again, and through this process, find the recovery they need to transform their own lives.
2) The process of coaching has helped him the most in his own journey of discovery and fulfilment,
3) James has a highly developed skillset in interpersonal communication and consultation, and he is a proven catalyst for profound change.

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