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The GHM Group is a South African based consultancy business, focussing on, Organisational Development, Talent Management and Skills Enhancement.

At GHM our core focus is on the achievement of our clients business objectives through deep and meaningful attention given to; (1) the implementation of a high performance Organisational platform; (2) the advancement & improvement of its workforce.

Our development structures and bespoke interventions range from organizational development, executive leadership coaching, management & leadership development, sales driven leadership, driving sales through customer centric consulting, customer service excellence and team dynamics. We offer talent and skill development interventions in the following areas:

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Our Values

At GHM, we pride ourselves in being wholeheartedly focused on the achievement of our clients’ business objectives through deep and meaningful attention given to the advancement of their workforce. People make organisations and our interventions are geared towards strong pursuance of company goals driven by the development of the individuals that make the team.

We deliberately choose to approach our customers’ needs with a focused client-specific view which enables us to design solutions and interventions that are bespoke and deal with the specific challenges that our clients have, often combining proven principles with specific requirements to deliver ideal results.

Development & Training Courses

GHM offers a structured learning path tailored to your team’s needs, from Junior to Executive Leadership levels. We create and cultivate environments in which human beings can rapidly learn and apply new ideas, competencies, skills, behaviors and attitudes. We have the freedom to design the dream solution for any business.


At GHM we believe that one pertinent improvement area for all customer facing or sales driven departments is to increase the focus and drive on managing & motivating staff in a high pressure environment; to achieve excellent sales results and meet all scorecard criteria.


At GHM we help organisations move the needle forward on diversity and inclusion by leveraging the diverse skills, perspectives, ethnicity, lifestyles and cultural backgrounds of their employees to drive business success and sustainability. We guide them through a journey which focuses on making diversity and inclusion an integral part of business strategy.


The High Performance Organizational (HPO) framework was developed through a meta-analyses of 290 academic studies on high performance and tested in 1475 organizations globally over a 10 year period. The HPO Framework is the only framework in the world which gives a distinct and lasting improvement effect. 


This is a full year program, consisting of 11 Modules incorporating all aspects of business, management and effective leadership. This program is aimed at middle managers and is designed to empower them with the necessary business knowledge and skills to further their personal development role, performance, and their overall contribution to the business. 


Through GHM’s extensive work with top recruitment businesses, we have found that this dynamic industry is changing at a rapid. Recruitment professionals are very strong in HR and administrative functions however, we find a skills gap, realting to to basic & high-level sales skills with a many of recruiters. 


Team building is a systematic process designed to improve working relationships and team functioning; which includes aspects like problem solving, decision making and conflict resolution, all of which enables the team to overcome any obstacles, and to operate in the performing mode.

Our Team

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GHM group hennie matthee director

Hennie Matthee


GHM group gary hardneberg director

Gary Hardenberg


GHM group pumla grootboom executive coach and facilitator

Zaar Mabuto

Executive Coach & Facilitator

GHM group wesley harrington executive coach and facilitator

Wesley Harrington

Executive Coach & Facilitator

GHM group arno hattingh organizational development

Arno Hattingh

Organizational Development

GHM group james lewis regional manager

James Lewis

Regional Manager

GHM group edwin louw lead facilitator

Edwin Louw

Lead Facilitator

GHM group tim keys sales specialist

Tim Keys

Sales Specialist

GHM group dominique doliveira facilitator

Dominique D'Oliveira


The GHM Convergence Series

Our cutting-edge, training methodology serves to change behaviour and drives the implementation of lasting change, with minimal business disruption, increased performance and measurable ROI.

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